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Davines’ New Limited Edition Beauty Range Supports Regenerative Italian Farms and Vineyards

Published July 17, 2022

Luxury Italian hair care brand Davines continues its long-standing support of regenerative-focused Italian vineyeards and farms with the launch of its first socio-environmental initiative, ‘We Sustain Beauty’, and the release of a limited-edition shampoo and body wash labeled ‘WE STAND/for regeneration’.

WE STAND/for regeneration products are certified plastic neutral and packaged in bio-based and recycled plastic.

The We Sustain Beauty initiative aims to raise awareness of the importance of biodiversity and regenerative organic agriculture. Under the initiative, Davines will also donate $75,000 to two organisations that support regenerative organic agriculture.

Davines WE STAND/regeneration shampoo

The green aniseed extract in the WE STAND products is sourced from the farm of Mr. Corradetti in Castignano, Ascoli Piceno, Italy, and is rich in sugars and carbohydrates for added moisture.

The Barbera Grape Pomace extract, rich in tartaric acid to leave the skin soft and the hair shiny and hydrated, is sourced from Vigna Cunial, a certified organic vineyard and farm in Traversetolo, Parma, Italy. It’s also an upcycled waste product of the wine making process, and the first ingredient cultivated from out of a collaboration between Davines Group and the Rodale Institute European Regenerative Organic Center, located at the Davines Group Village in Parma, Italy.

The We Sustain Beauty initiative continues Davines Group’s long-standing and beautiful collaboration with the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity, which sees every product in Davines’ Essential Haircare line formulated with an active ingredient from a member of the Italian Slow Food Presidium. The arrangement sees a global company help to preserve biodiversity by supporting small-scale producers who cultivate native plants at risk of extinction.

External view of Davines Village with waterlily pond

Davines headquarters, just outside of Parma.

The WE STAND/for regeneration initiative is just one of many reasons to love Davines

The beauty industry is a huge contributor to environmental degredation due to the clearing of land for raw ingredients and packaging waste. Davines is one of the few (but growing) brands to very deliberately change the impact of the beauty industry on climate change.

Davines is B Corp certified, meaning that its business model supports a global economy that is more inclusive, equitable, and regenerative. Davines’s approach to packaging prioritises recycled or bio-based plastics, and its partnership with Plastic Bank means that for every product sold by Davines Group, an equal amount of ocean-bound plastic is collected and removed from the environment.

Davines is a great example of luxury that doesn’t cost the earth.

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