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This New South Australian Off-Grid Tiny Cabin Is a Perfect Example of Eco-Luxury

Published July 7, 2022
Aerial shot of Maldhi by EYRE.WAY

South Australian eco-tourism company EYRE.WAY has just launched its second off-grid luxury tiny cabin.

Named ‘Maldhi’, the cabin boasts world-class views on the south coast of the Eyre Peninsula, overlooking the coastal cliffs of Sleaford Bay. “It’s a truly magical and private location, surrounded by pristine native vegetation with panoramic views,” says EYRE.WAY director and co-founder Amanda Hogg. Guests will be treated to the sight of kangaroos hopping across the landscape and, in winter, Southern Right whales enjoying the waters of Sleaford Bay.

Amanda and Tim Hogg on the Maldhi property with their three children

Maldhi is the second tiny cabin built by Amanda and Tim Hogg, co-founders of EYRE.WAY. Photo credit: Amy Rowsell

The cabin is completely off-grid featuring a solar powered/battery system. “It’s a special feeling knowing the sun is powering your accommodation,” Amanda said. “And we hope it inspires guests to live more sustainably when their holiday ends.” Rainwater is captured in Port Lincoln and taken to the tiny cabin, while grey water is taken off site and removed sustainably. Guests are allocated a finite amount of water, encouraged to conserve water wherever possible during their stay, and charged if their quota is exceeded.

Scroll through for a visual treat showcasing Maldhi’s gorgeous – and eco-conscious – interior design.

Maldhi is architecturally-designed for climate control. “Our architect designed the tiny abode to make the most of nature’s warming and cooling characteristics, and we used environmentally sustainable materials throughout the construction process,” Amanda said. Sustainable timber and insulation is used throughout, incorporating significant north facing glazing that allows for natural heating in the winter, and automatic blinds provide shade in the summer.

Exterior view out the coast from Maldhi's porch

Photo credit: Amy Rowsell

Described as an “immersive” experience, the windows in the tiny cabin are so large you don’t need to go outside to enjoy the natural beauty; you can enjoy it all from your luxury king sized bed.

Maldhi's floor to ceiling windows

Photo credit: Lauren Photography

“Using local architect, builders, tradespeople, and suppliers to design, build and supply materials was really important to us,” Amanda said. “From the handcrafted and locally made Blackwood lounge to the handmade lights, and the use of sustainable timber, we wanted sustainability meets style in every way.” The interior of the cabin was inspired by the natural formations and textures found in the environment it is surrounded by. Maldhi, meaning ‘Night or Night Sky’ in Barngarla, represents a dark and moody colour palette, and the cabin combines a variety of contrasting materials and textures, resulting in a look that is both edgy and laid back.

Maldhi cabin, locally made Blackwood lounge

A locally-made Blackwood lounge is a perfect addition to Maldhi’s moody interior, while the OSB used for the walls and ceiling is one of Amanda’s favourite design features. Photo credit: Amy Rowsell

Continuing the dark and moody theme is a bathroom complete with a decadent shower featuring floor-toceiling tiles by Ezra and locally, handmade tapware by Caroma Cabinetry.

Shower featuring dark tiles and double shower head

This shower is definitely a direct download from my dreams. Tiles by Ezra. Photo credit: Amy Rowsell

On her favourite design features, Amanda says: “I love the feature Orientated Strand Board used fort the walls and ceiling because it’s so distinctive, the chocolate-inspired hand-made crockery by Mrs Fishery Pottery and our one-of-a-kind very special ceramic wall light made by a friend”.

Chocolate-inspired hand-made crockery by Mrs Fishery Pottery.

Chocolate-inspired hand-made crockery by Mrs Fishery Pottery. Photo credit: Lauren Photography.

Each cabin is built on a 6-wheel trailer making them completely transportable so that when/if the time comes to relocate the cabins, the sites will be left as they were found. “We will have zero impact on the natural environment,” Amanda said.

Maldhi external side view

Photo credit: Amy Rowsell

The launch of Maldhi follows the stunning success of Yambara, another tiny cabin built by Amanda and Tim that has been nearly sold out since it opened in November 2021, with an incredible 95 per cent occupancy rate.


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